More Than A Smoothie

What is MO’ZUMO

Big appetites don’t scare us. We all get hungry and that’s okay. We just need to find healthier ways to curb our cravings.

That’s why we created MO’ZUMO.

If your last meal didn’t fill you up, or if your next meal feels light years away, MO’ZUMO satisfies your hunger with a powerful blend of great-tasting, all-natural ingredients, including quinoa, beetroot, blueberry, strawberry and banana.

Plus it has no preservatives and less sugar than most other smoothies, making it the freshest, healthiest smoothie available today.


MO’ZUMO, what does it mean?

MO’ represents MORE

ZUMO means JUICE in Spanish.

Result: MO’ZUMO! Because it is MORE THAN A ZUMO!


1. How it all started…

Hi, my name is Carme Plumed-Ferrer and I have created Mo’zumo. I am Spanish, from Barcelona, and moved to Finland […]

2. Is it a good idea…?

The project I started in 2017 gave me the opportunity to check whether my research idea, in this case Mo’zumo, […]

3. It’s time to leave university and jump into… a TV show!

Was I sad to leave 19 years of university life? I honestly felt there was nothing left for me there […]

4. Suomalainen Menestysresepti

At the end of 2018, I applied for a food competition organized a S-ryhmä, one of the biggest supermarket chains […]

5. Supermarkets, here we go!

And the day arrived! Tomorrow 12.8.2019 Mo’zumo will be, for the first time ever, for sale!! Mo’zumo will be available […]

THE Science

MO’ZUMO is a concentrated summary of 19 years of research.

  • MO’ZUMO contains my deep understanding on lactic acid bacteria; what they are, how they work and how to use them. MO’ZUMO contains 100 billion of those bacteria, which I have proved scientifically that can help you balance your gut bacteria.
  • MO’ZUMO also contains my knowledge in nutrition. It is my ultimate purpose to only use ingredients that add a nutritious value to the final product.
    • Quinoa adds good quality protein, fiber, omega fatty acids, folic acid, vitamins and minerals.
    • Beetroot is high in folic acid and vitamin C
    • Fruits and berries add plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • MO’ZUMO is fermented, so there is no need for any preservative!

But… does this SUPER SNACK really taste good!? YES, IT DOES!

Our Values

MO’ZUMO is the first product from Probitat.

Probitat is a food technology company based on fermented quinoa. And Probitat is a name I just felt in love with because it represents who I am and what I am trying to create with this company.

Probitat is a Catalan word, it translates to Probity and it means integrity, honesty, fairness, equity.

Probitat not only represents my roots (I am Catalan speaker) but also my values and the values I want to transfer with my products.

For this reason, we use:

  • Packaging material which is the most recycling option at this moment in Finland (PET material with refundable system).
  • Honest nutrition information.
  • Organic Finnish quinoa.


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Carme Plumed-Ferrer

Carme Plumed-Ferrer

Founder & CEO
The founder and heart of Probitat Oy - creator of MO'ZUMO
Atte von Wright

Atte von Wright

Scientific Advisor
University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, Professor emeritus Biosafe Biological Safety Solution Ltd, Research Manager
Henrik Poulsen

Henrik Poulsen

Business Advisor
Experienced Chef and CEO of SeaGood Oy Fort Deli

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